Before attempting to obtain a Green Card to America

Before attempting to obtain a Green Card to America

recommend that you read and understand the following frequently asked questions
before attempting to obtain a Green Card to America or registering
for the Green Card Lottery:

How old do I need to be to participate?

Based on the education criteria, you must be
at least 18 years of age or older. Take our Green
Card Lottery Test
to check if you are eligible to participate.

When should I enter the lottery in order to increase my chance of obtaining a Green
Card to America?

We recommend that you enter right away using our secure
online application service. Even if the lottery is not until next year, it is
never too early to begin the process and submit an error-free application.
here to go to our Green Card Lottery application page

I know that obtaining a Green Card to America is not easy.
What are some common mistakes that people make on their application?

Generally, mistakes include: the wrong photograph size, format, resolution and color depth.
Incomplete information on the application. By using Green Card Lottery USA’s services,
you are assured of an error-free application to prevent you from being disqualified for making some
of these common mistakes.

Do I have to immigrate to America if I win?

No. If you apply and win, you do not have to immigrate to the America or to the United States. It is your choice.