Before obtaining a green card

Before obtaining a green card

We recommend that you read and understand the following frequently asked questions
before obtaining a Green Card or applying
for the Green Card Lottery:

Can both I and my spouse apply for a green card?

Yes. In fact, your chances are better if you apply for a green card individually.
If either you or your spouse wins the lottery, you will both receive green cards.

Can I enter my fiancée on my application?

No. Only legally married couples can file a joint application. However,
you may register your unmarried partner by obtaining an additional green card application form.

What are the requirements for listing children on the application?

You must list all minor, unmarried children under the age of 21 regardless if they wish to immigrate.
You should not list married children or children over the age of 21. If your spouse has children under
the age of 21 from a previous marriage, you must list them as well.

Are signatures and photographs required for each family member, or only for the principal applicant?

Signatures are not required on the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form. Recent and individual photos of the applicant,
his/her spouse and all children under 21 years of age required. Family or group photos are not accepted.
Click here to check the photo requirements.

What is the next deadline for the Green Card Lottery?

The next DV lottery is DV-2005. The reason for this
is based on the year that the immigrant visas will be issued (the U.S. Immigration Service fiscal year 2005)
which runs from October 1, 2004 through September 30, 2005. The deadline for filing your Green Card Lottery
application through the Green Card Lottery Association is October 1, 2003.