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How to Apply for an American Green Card?
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Applying for the American Green Card Lottery

Welcome to the Green Card Lottery USA Association's official website. The Green Card Lottery USA Association provides an affordable, personalized service to those seeking to apply to the American green card lottery program. We invite you to apply for your green card using our simple and New Electronic DV-2024 Green Card Lottery Application. In addition, through this website, you can take the Green Card test, check your Green Card Lottery application status and receive comprehensive information about the entire American Green Card application process as well as general Green Card Lottery info.

50,000 American Green Card Lottery Winners Are Entitled to Live and Work in America

Each year, The United States of America grants approximately 50,000 Green Cards (permanent resident visas) as part of the Diversity Visa Program. American Green Card winners are legally entitled to work as well as receive health, education, taxation, retirement, social security as well as other benefits. American green card holders may also serve as sponsors for their relatives seeking Immigration Visas (Green Cards).

American Green Card Lottery Application Deadline

Applications for the upcoming American Green Card Lottery may be filed until the end of October, 2020. Please make sure that you apply as soon as possible in order to guarantee that your Green Card Lottery entry is prepared and sent on time. Click here to apply for the American Green Card Lottery.

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