Before becoming a Green Card holder

Before becoming a Green Card holder

For those seeking
a chance of becoming a Green Card holder
, we recommend reading the following
frequently asked questions:

Can I apply for a DV-2005 visa if I am already registered in another visa category (such as a student visa)?

Yes. There is no problem with this.

How are the Green Card Lottery winners chosen?

Green Card winners are chosen at random from a computerized
system of all the qualified applicants. All participants of the Green Card Lottery
have an equal chance of winning.

How much does it cost to enter the lottery?

Green Card Lottery Association charges a fee to
expedite the online processing of Green Card Lottery applications. Since you are
applying online using the Green Card Lottery USA Association official website,
only a minimal charge applies. In fact, $27.50 can win you a new life in America.
We strongly urge you against paying more than the minimum fee required to other
websites, so feel free to Bookmark
the Green Card Lottery Association web site
. See our list
of services and current fees
. There are no additional fees.

What happens if I win?

Winners will receive an official letter to the address
they specified on their application. Winners are generally notified in the spring
following the application deadline. Note that DV-2005 winners can become Green
Card holders in year 2005.