DV Green Card Lottery FAQ

DV Green Card Lottery FAQ

The following FAQ presents important information regarding the DV Green Card Lottery: Please
go over the following questions and answers before applying
for the Green Card Lottery

Will I be notified if I don’t win any DV Green Card Lottery?

There is no official letter sent to those who do not win the lottery. If you do not receive
a letter, you have not been granted a Visa for this year.

What if some of my family members do not want to immigrate?

That is okay. You simply need to list all members of your immediate family (unmarried children),
even if they decide not to come to the United States.

You must list all children under the age of 21 or you will be disqualified from the lottery if you win.

Why do I need to use Green Card Lottery USA?

The services provided by Green Card Lottery USA are intended to ensure the accuracy and timely
delivery of your DV Green Card Lottery application. You are free to apply on your own; however, we have found
through experience that there is a higher rate of disqualified applicants who have filed on their own due to
the incorrect information on application forms and late submissions. In addition, our service is an honest and
affordable one. Our fees remain competitive and are generally lower than most other companies offering similar services.

Can I fill out a DV Green Card Lottery application for my friends?

Yes, you can do this. Your friends will need to provide photographs and each person must sign his/her
application by hand. You cannot sign the application for them.