US Green Card Lottery FAQ

US Green Card Lottery FAQ

The following US Green Card Lottery FAQ presents important information for those seeking to
for the Green Card Lottery:

Why are certain countries excluded from the US Green Card Lottery?

In an effort to diversify the US population, countries with a high immigration rate (over 50,000 in the
past five years) are not eligible. Take our Green
Card Lottery eligibility test
to check if your native country is excluded
or not.

What if I am a citizen of one country that differs from my country of birth?

You must supply your country of birth on your
application even if you are not a citizen of that country. The US Government and
the Green Card Lottery USA Association make no exceptions to this rule.

Does it matter whether I am or am not in the US?

If you meet the requirements
for competition in the lottery, it doesn’t matter if you are in the United States
or in a foreign country.

How many applications can I submit a year?

You are only allowed to submit one US Green Card Lottery application
per person per year. Green Card Lottery USA Association can automatically submit
your application for up to X years. However, you must provide us with any updated
information in order for us to do so.