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DV 2006 Has Ended. Applications for DV 2007 Are Open.

USA\GCLA Wishes To Thank Everyone Who Registered For DV-2006 Through Our Service.
Registration Period Had Ended And We Are Now Accepting Applications for DV-2007, Those of you who did not make the deadline, your DV 2006 application will be sent for next year's lottery program (DV 2007) free of charge.

USA\GCLA wishes you the best of luck. For further information about how to apply for your american green card, click here.

Diversity Visa Program Registration Turns Electronic!

The Department of State announced a change in how applicants may petition to participate in the Diversity Visa lottery program. All persons registering for an opportunity to apply for a U.S. immigrant visa under the diversity lottery will have to do so electronically. The Department will no longer accept paper entries or mail-in requests for diversity visa registration.

The USA/GCLA site is fully compatible with all new E-DV 2021 requirements, and ready to take your Electronic application.

* Existing client’s applications will be modified automatically

   [Read More...]

For Further Information about the upcoming DV 2021 Lottery

Contact the Green Card Lottery USA Association in case you have any specific question about the DV 2021 Lottery. In addition, please check out our Green Card FAQ page to receive comprehensive info regarding the entire DV 2021 Lottery process or simply apply now for the DV 2021 Green Card Lottery.

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June 19 -
Registered members are requested to send new photos for DV-2021

November 18 -
DV-2020 Registration Period has ended. We are now accepting applications for DV-2021. Hurry and sign up Today!!!!

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